As a parent, whether you are trying to prevent drug use, discover possible drug use, stop current use, or just be reassured that your teen is on the right road, home testing will help.
Our hearts ache for the parents that discover their teen's drug use, but knowing the truth is the first step to a solution. Always let your teens know that you love them too much to allow them be involved with drugs, and that you will use any tool available to keep them away from drugs, including drug testing in your home.
So many parents simply haven't given any thought to drug testing their kids at home. At-home testing is a very effective means of preventing teen drug use, especially by giving kids a great "excuse" to say, "NO WAY, MY PARENTS TEST ME".
Testing does not have to be a negative, accusatory event; it does need to be done with an honest explanation beginning with how you love them too much to let anything bad happen to them. We offer inexpensive kit, accurate, that are easy to use in the privacy of your own home especially for this target. Let's make together the world healthier, better and safer.