Barbiturates Test Kit


Downers, Mexican Yellows, Blue Devil, or Goof Balls are just a few of the street names used for barbiturates.  Barbiturates are a depressant that affects the central nervous system and are addictive.  Kids use them for relaxed and euphoric experiences, unfortunately, there are serious side effects that could lead to death.

Barbiturates are most commonly found in various colors of pills.  They could easily be misidentified as aspirin.   If you have any doubt that your teen is using, take the first step with IDenta’s Touch&Know Barbiturate test kit.  With our easy-to-use test kit, you can determine the presence of barbiturates in any pill.

Probe Type Swipe Sampler
Size 50x95x25 mm
Weight 40 gram

Probe Effective on

Powder, Substance, Liquid
Instruction (EN)
Instruction (ES)  



The test kit offers a major breakthrough. IDenta’s patented technology combined with advanced chemistry, safety, and user friendly, offering the most reliable and accurate test kits on the market. The kit meets the strict standards of IDenta’s professional identification kits, used worldwide by Law Enforcement agencies, Army, Border Control, Airports, Prisons, and more.

A revolutionary advancement in the field of drugs screening and identification. 100% safe and easy to use. Immediate results, 99% Accurate: Even if/when the narcotic is mixed with other substances. Smart Tip Probe: Adhesive tip picks up micro-particles and protected from any possible contamination.Safe-Squeeze: Reaction chemicals are contained safely in a hard plastic shell. No-Spill Seal: Reaction chemicals remain locked inside the test unit. The only kit in the world with no storage limit and expiration date for 3 years.