Ephedrine/Pseudoephedrine Test Kit


Ephedrine is a prescribed medication that is a central nervous system stimulant.  Kids are drawn to Ephedrine because of its ability to heighten moods and increase energy and metabolism. Unfortunately, it is an addictive and dangerous pill (that may also be a powder form).

If you are noticing signs of insomnia, nausea, weight loss, or nervousness with your child, take the first step.  Before going to your teen, test & know with IDenta’s Touch&Know Ephedrine test kit.  One quick and easy test that you could do in the comfort of your own home, Touch&Know will give you the answers you need.

Probe Type Swipe Sampler
Size 50x95x25 mm
Weight 40 gram

Probe Effective on

Powder, Substance, Liquid
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