Mephedrone Test Kit


Mephedrone is a synthetic stimulant drug that has no medical value, purely recreational.  Sometimes called Drone, M-Cat, White Magic, or Meow Meow, kids look to it for a euphoric, energetic high.  This high comes at a cost of addiction or possibly deadly a overdose.

With the appearance of other drugs or normal household products like salts, mephedrone comes in either crystal or powder form.  When faced with a substance suspicious guessing is dangerous.  Take the first step to test the substance.  IDenta’s Touch &Know Mephedrone test kit will determine if Mephedrone is present within a few seconds.  Easy & safe to use Touch&Know test kits are your trusted partner.

Probe Type Swipe Sampler
Size 50x95x25 mm
Weight 40 gram

Probe Effective on

Powder, Substance, Liquid
Instruction (EN)
Instruction (ES)