Synthetic Cathinones Test Kit


Bliss, Ivory, Cloud Nine, or Lunar Wave are some of the street names for Synthetic Cathinones, but what are they really?  Synthetic Cathinones are a chemically made substance to replicate the effects of Khat, and a cheap alternative to amphetamines or cocaine.

Synthetic Cathinones are usually a brown or white crystal powder, packaged and labeled as bath salts, jewelry cleaner, or phone screen cleaner so how do you know?  Take the very first step in knowing with IDenta’s Touch&Know Synthetic Cathinones test kit.  In the comfort of your own home, you could safely and quickly identify the presence of synthetic cathinones in any suspicious substance.

Probe Type Swipe Sampler
Size 50x95x25 mm
Weight 40 gram

Probe Effective on

Powder, Substance, Liquid
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